Power Distribution Busboard


Looking for an inexpensive power distribution busboard to expand your DIY system?  Look no further.  Budget priced, good quality PCB, comes with a bunch of handy optional features such as power rails LEDs, on-board +5V regulator and plenty of connectivity options to suit the needs of all systems.

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The Visible Signals power distribution busboard lets you expand your eurorack power supply bus without sacrificing functionality or quality.  The Power Distrib is a good quality, strong PCB with 11 eurorack power connectors that’s designed to fit next to a standard 3U eurorack setup, comes with handy extra features, nice thick tracks, stacks of connection flexibility and best of all it’s bargain priced so you can save your big dollars for that whiz-bang speccy new module you’ve had your eye on for a while now 🙂

Don’t buy just one, that’s silly.  Get the 5-pack and save!  You know you’ll need more eventually.  And they’re a perfect Christmas present for all your DIY synth-geek mates 😉

All the information you need to build this module set can be found in the build guide: Power Distrib Manual V0.2a

If you’re looking for the cheapest possible build then you might consider sourcing the parts from a cheaper electronics company like Tayda Electronics: Tayda Electronics VSig fully populated Power Distrib Saved Cart