1IF InterFace


1IF is a 1U tile for direct interfacing between 75-ohm terminated video signals (like composite and component video) and eurorack 1V video signals.


1IF is a 1U tile for Intellijel or Pulp eurorack systems, providing signal level and termination conversion between standard (75 ohm terminated) video signal and LZX-compatible 0-1V eurorack signals.  The module includes two converters, one for each direction (video to euro, euro to video).

The eurorack input and output are standard 3.5mm (1/8″) sockets, and the 75-ohm terminated video input and output are RCA sockets, which can be converted to BNC using a cheap converter if required:


This module is sold as a PCB/panel set (both Intellijel and Pulp panels are included) for DIY, so you will need to source and solder the components required to make it work.  More information can be found in the  1IF InterFace Manual V0.3b.