Dual Distrib


Dual Distrib is a two-channel video distribution amplifier for the eurorack video modular format, with three independent outputs for each input.  Each input and output is fully compatible with industry standard 75 ohm video signals, and each output is fully isolated with its own independent op-amp for maximum reliability and signal stability.



Composite and Component video signals can be fickle, requiring proper 75 ohm termination to guarantee the best possible image quality.  When you have one video source to send to two or more receiving device inputs using a splitter cable or a “stackable” cable doesn’t work very well, and a “distribution amplifier” is required.  There are many stand-alone devices already available to do this, but this 4HP module mounts conveniently in your rack, saving space and avoiding the need for an external plug-pack to power it!

This module provides two independent distribution amplifiers, each with three outputs.

What You Get

The Dual Distrib comes as a PCB + Panel set for DIY, with no electronic components or panel RCA sockets included.  To build this module you will need to purchase all those bits as well and solder it together yourself.  This is an great project for beginners, due to its low part count.

The information you’ll need to build this module can be found in the Dual Distrib Build Guide (coming soon!) which includes the Bill of Materials (BOM), component layout diagrams and other helpful information.

The information you’ll need to build this module can be found in the Dual Distrib Manual V0.2b.

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Standard Panel (Blue), White Panel