One Of Four


One Of Four is a high performance 4-input video switching module for eurorack video signals.


One Of Four is a 4HP high performance 4-input euroack video signal switching module.  Switching between inputs is very fast and clean, allowing for high quality picture-in-picture or layered moving image and pattern effects.

The active input is selected from one of the four inputs (A1, A2, B1 and B2) via two binary ‘select’ inputs – A/B and 1/2.  The select inputs have a switching threshold of +0.5V and are signal-compatible with the LZX Castle range, or the midpoint of standard euroack 1V video signal levels.  The module correctly supports switching of input signals across the full typical eurorack +/-10V voltage range.

One Of Four module comes as a DIY PCB/panel set (no components) for you to solder together and assemble.  The list of electronic components required is outlined in the One Of Four Manual V0.2a.