1SW A/B Switch


1SW is a A/B (1PDT) module that allow manual switching between two inputs (or two outputs).

Note: this module comes as a complete parts kit so all the components are included and you don’t need to buy any extra parts to build it.

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1SW is a passive 6HP 1U tile for switching one output between two inputs, or selecting one output from two inputs.  A panel switch toggles between connecting either socket ‘A’ or ‘B’ to the common socket ‘X’ at any time, and a big red PUNCH momentary button temporarily swaps to the other socket while it is pressed.  The PUNCH button is super-useful for quick-fire live performance effects!

Unlike other Visible Signals modules, the 1SW comes as a complete parts kit, so you don’t need to buy anything else to build it (other than a soldering iron, solder and other basic DIY tools).  If you’re new to DIY then this is a great way to get a fun and easy module without having to buy all the necessary parts separately!