Video Mult


Video Mult is a two channel video-rate buffered multiple module for eurorack modular systems, with three outputs per channel.

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An active multiple module like the Video Mult may be one of the simplest modules in your rack, but don’t let that fool you into underestimating how useful it is.

When you have one source signal – like an LFO, a video luma (brightness) signal, or a pattern mix or other control voltage – and you want to connect it in to several other modules then you have a few different options.  If you use a splitter cable or a passive multiple module then you can sometimes find the signal levels from the source are “loaded down” and affected by the other modules it’s connected to, since all of those connected modules directly share the same source.  Hook up another input and the voltage drops slightly on all the other modules.  Even worse, when you’re plugging in a cable connected to a passive multiple the signal pin (tip) can get briefly shorted to ground as it’s inserted, resulting in a glitch on your output because all the inputs see that short circuit as well.  Sometimes that sort of glitch effect might be what you want, but most often it’s not.

This module provides unity gain buffering to solve that problem, using an op-amp to ensure that each of the three output sockets tracks the input correctly, no matter how many modules it’s sent to and what load is put on it.

The bottom channel of the Video Mult is normalled from the upper channel, so you can also use this module as a six-output multiple by leaving the bottom input socket unconnected.

What You Get

The Video Mult comes as a PCB and Panel set for DIY.  To build this module you will need to purchase the necessary components as well and then solder it together yourself.  This is an great project for beginners, with just twenty-nine (all through-hole) components!

The information you’ll need to build this module can be found in the Video Mult Manual V0.4b.

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PCB/panel set, PCB/white panel set, PCB/panel set with LM6172, PCB/white panel set with LM6172